The Only Way to Apply Mascara


I’ve done it, friends.

I’ve done it.

In all my years of clumsily applying eye makeup, I have finally discovered the best and therefore only way to apply mascara.

First off, let’s just confirm that mascara actually sucks. It clumps way too easily and it can make your eyelashes stick together, giving you that less-than-appealing Spongebob Look:

After extensive research, I have found a few tips that certainly take the edge off of mascara application:

1. Don’t keep a tube for longer than a few months. After that, it’s nothing but clumps on clumps.

2. When applying, roll the wand away from your eye as you move the brush along your lashes. It separates and evenly coats each lash.

3. Don’t apply additional coats until the previous coat is dry (about 10ish seconds) and, if you do choose to add additional coats, concentrate them on your outer lashes. It gives your…

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