The Sanctuary – Review

When I first walked into The Sanctuary located at 120 South Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach, the pretty manager Laura welcomed me with an offer of a glass of wine, coffee or tea. The fun, relaxed vibe had an immediate calming effect. I had a black coffee but the bubbly warmth which the employees exuded more than made up for the lack of an alcoholic buzz. The fact that this full service very professional yet home-y salon has been in business for twelve years is evident in the confidant yet gracious way I was treated.

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I asked Maggie, my adorable and highly knowledgeable Esthetician, what she liked about working there. Her reply; “Laura the manager is a doll…all of us laugh all the time – I have so-o-o much fun here!” You just don’t hear that in most spas. Sure, people are courteous and professionally warm elsewhere, but a specific joie-de-vivre exists which is unique to this spa and trickles down to their long-time clientèle.

Maggie administered an hour long Custom Facial to me in one of The Sanctuary’s private rooms. This entirely form-fitted facial is unique to The Sanctuary. It includes cleansing, massage, and tapotement (which is Swedish massage most frequently administered with the edge of the hand) and masques. Waxing can also be done as part of this experience if necessary.

Maggie assessed my skin type, analyzed my likes and dislikes, sensitivities and strengths and then concocted a unique blend of botanicals, lotions and potions to create an entirely individualized facial. Phase 1 involves cleansing: The skin care line exclusive to The Sanctuary is called Dermologica. All skin care employees who work at The Sanctuary have been trained at The Demologica’s Institute in Fort Lauderdale. Maggie has been working with them since 1986 – since their induction in the USA. Their products include pure fragrance free essential oils.

Maggie used an Ultra Calming masque to cleanse my very sensitive skin. Some of its ingredients included salicylic and lactic acids, as well as vitamins A and C. Then she applied a delicious smelling mild microfoliant composed of rice bran mixed with a calming botanical mixture. Next Maggie got right into my pores extracting blackheads like a superhero! You have to understand it had been a few months since my last facial.

After the Battle Of The Blackheads, I received a perfectly timed psychologically and physically soothing massage while steam was going. This included effleurage (a stroking movement), a hand massage, and lymphatic drainage. Next, Maggie administered two individualized masques using a hot compress on the first masque (which by then I was too relaxed to ask about) and a cold compress on the second masque, which was a colloidal masque base – a clear gel which closes pores, calms skin and firms and tightens after extraction of black heads. One word; “Ah-h-h!”

Afterwards, I felt like happy putty. But like the hard working reviewer that I am, I then forced myself to meander to a massage chair which simultaneously massaged my lower back and butt. I was so relaxed I honestly didn’t notice the massage chair doing it’s magic until five minutes into the head massage! Laura applied Deep Purology Essential Hair Conditioner to my platinum blonde hair and it felt like her nimble fingers massaged me all the way to the deepest cortex of my brain! I also picked up some great hair wisdom from The Sanctuary’s in house Hair Guru, Jenna.

In addition to extensive individual services, The Sanctuary offers sumptuous cost effective packages for couples massage, and wonderful services for men including straight blade shaving services! A really good, cosy salon.

If you happen to be closer to Lake Worth, The Sanctuary’s second location is on 6250 Lantana Road at Jog. That location has a special chair which allows you to receive a massage, facial, and pedicure/manicure at the same time, all in one hour.

The Sanctuary Spa



West Palm Beach (561) 721-9648

Lake Worth (561) 641-1943 (in business for over twelve years!)


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