Omphoy Spa Review

The Omphoy Spa

Most of us have had the frustrating experience of having paid for fantastic high-end
procedures that were administered by cranky estheticians or masseurs, have been met by
less than welcoming receptionists, and been overcharged for services. A spa experience
where one comes not only to relax and be vulnerable but to be rejuvenated, must be
holistically satisfying or it ends up being about as nourishing as the flue! I’m delighted to
report that my experience at The Spa at the Omphoy was deeply satisfying. All parts and
players worked together in a glorious symphony of external and internal beauty!

I came to obtain their signature facial, which is called the Hydra Facial. I was greeted by
an upbeat gracious young woman, who told me that I would be attended to shortly. She
offered me a drink while I waited in the Omphoy Spa’s lounge. I thoroughly enjoyed
sipping tea while sitting on a comfy sofa, serenaded by the tinkle of a rhythmic waterfall,
in the calming Asian themed lounge infused with exotic stone sculpture and surrounded
by soothing ocean blue glass paneling.

Within minutes, I was ushered into the procedure room by Linda, my gracious European-
trained esthetician. She offered me a cover up and suggested I recline on the heated bed
as she began the process. This talented lady, applied state of the art machinery to my
face, nimbly vacuuming my pores, and massaging my skin with fingers that literally
danced across my face in some high tech massage pattern. A technique which is unique to
the Hydra Facial is that the pores are simultaneously being cleaned and hydrated, so there
is no downtime. And unlike dermabrasion, the process is noninvasive.

Although Linda was very caring with me, checking in from time to time to see if I was
experiencing any discomfort, I felt absolutely none.

A skin plumper called Dermabuilder was used during the treatment. Afterwards, I
actually looked like I’d had Juvaderm or Botox injections. My skin was plumped up
in all the spots that needed to be and I glowed like a healthy pink-faced teenager, even
though I’m practically seven hundred and fifty! As somebody who never leaves the
house without a little something-something on make-up-wise, for the first time in years, I
resisted dampening my dewy youthful look with an ounce of make-up!




My Omphoy Spa experience was sumptuous on every level. Guess what all my lucky

girlfriends are getting for their birthdays?

The Omphoy Spa can be found in Palm Beach and is rated the number one resort spa by Conde Nast travel readers.

Lashes worth noticing!

With Halloween just around the corner these are a great find! But how much fun can you have with these on a regular saturday night!

CT Esthetic


Tie your date in knots with a bewitching blink or two when you debut these lovely lashes for a night of dinner and dancing! Adorned with an red ribbon bow at the corner of each eye, these faux eyelashes transform each glance into a preciously wrapped gift. After applying a thin line of the included adhesive to these adorable accessories and placing them on your lids, create an ensemble that’s just as sweet by styling them with a lacy LBD, sheer tights, a satin clutch, and polished peep toe flats!

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Maybelline ColorSensational High Shine Gloss in Electric Shock

Wands and Pliers

Hi everyone! Sorry for my lack of posts this month, schoolwork has been piling, and I haven’t done any product reviews for more than a week! But I got to tell you about my  new lip gloss!

Maybelline recently launched their new ColorSensational High Shine Gloss in 12 different colours. I ran out of Revlon’s lip gloss I have been using, and I saw a bunch of Maybelline’s lip glosses at London Drugs on sale, I had to pick some up! One colour I picked up is Maybelline ColorSensational High Shine Gloss – Electric Shock (06).

Maybelline writes on their site that these are 100% wax free and it has a creamier feel due to honey nectar.

The Maybelline gloss applicator is one of the best I’ve come across. It’s spongy and easy to maneuver  that helps apply onto your lips perfectly.

This gloss is not sticky, pigmented, and can…

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Review: NU SKIN NaPCA Moisture Mist

Beauty Behind the Masque

Excitedly throwing my hands into discount boxes outside the doors of beauty salons is a treasured pastime of mine, I have a tendency to always find at least one item that I never knew I wanted or needed, discounted by [generally] between 20% to 50% off the original price. This purchase is an excellent example of a product I had never seen, purchased at 50% off the original price, and resulted in a new love affair between myself and the product.

If you have never heard of a moisture mist, you might not understand exactly what it does. This specific moisture mist can be used on hair, face, and body; however, I wouldn’t recommend its use on the hair, as it left my hair feeling oily. To use this product, you simply spritz it (using the attached spray nozzle) onto the areas that you want to moisturize, think of it…

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Clarisonic – Handy Hints and Tips - Electrical Health & Beauty

Never before had I been so excited to wash my face. It felt like Christmas morning as I unwrapped the mail order box, and frantically freed my shiny new Clarisonic from it’s box. The instructions were thrown to one side as I rushed to the bathroom, cleanser in hand; I could hardly wait for the water to heat up. This was a whole new level of excitement.

And then my friend casually pointed out that I’m supposed to charge the unit for 24 hours before the first use. My emotions were polar opposites, on the one hand I was grateful she was there to stop me from destroying my Clarisonic. But on the other hand, she’d just completely killed my Clarisonic buzz. In the end though, I was grateful for her advice, as I don’t know what I’d do without good ol’ Clarence. (Naming your Clarisonic is totally normal…!)


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